The most compact wakeboat ballast on the market.

Wakebag 20kg

79.00 incl. VAT

Move Wakebags instead of your friends.

79.00 incl. VAT

We all know the moment we have to ask our friends to sit somewhere else in the boat because the wake is not good. With Wakebags, everyone can just stay in place. Use Wakebags to shape your wake for wakeboarding or wakesurfing.

Because the 20 kg Wakebag TFTB is equipped with a carrying strap, it is easy to move (even while driving). Thanks to the use of the best materials and a double layer version, the 20 kg Wakebag TFTB is safe for your boat. With normal use, no damage will be caused.

Wakebag is no longer for sale on this website. You can buy wakebag from our resellers. Visit our dealer page

Product Details

20 kG (44 lbs) ballast Wakebag

2 layers of high quality fabric with coating

Outside: High quality cordura 1000 2PU + Water Repellent

Inside: Nylon bag with soft PVC coating (No plastic inner bag)

Heavy duty nylon strap 5 cm

Weighted with steel pellets

WEIGHT:  20 kg

DIMENSIONS:  280 × 260 × 80 mm

Note: Never exceed the maximum allowable weight for your wakeboat. 

Remove all ballast wakebags before the boat is placed on the trailer. 

Only use as ballast inside your boat. Any other use will damage this product.