Feel free
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Feel free
move Free

Our story

We are a group of riders passionate about big and clean wakes. We started making our solid ballast bags ourselves and soon noticed the great need for WAKEBAG in Europe. We created a product that is easy to transport, good quality and comfortable. With time we evolved- riders became customers, customers became friends and wakebag became the name. We are more than just a brand – We are a community.

Our Product

Wakebag is the most compact wakeboat ballast on the market. One liter wakebag filling weighs 4.2 kg. We deliver the best quality bags that are safe for your boat. You can use wakebags in combination with the factory ballast system.


Why Solid Ballast

The dead weight of Wakebags makes a big difference when it comes to adding extra ballast in your boat. Water ballast will inconsistently weigh your boat due to sloshing.

Feel free move free

We all know the moment we have to move our friends to sit somewhere else in the boat because the wake is not good enough. With Wakebags, everyone can just stay in place.

Wakebag for all

We know how important it’s for you to have a clean wake, a big wave or the smoothest wake. Use Wakebags for Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, Waterskiing or Trick Skiing.



Ricky Luckassen

Jordan Darwin

Nico Juritsch

Conni Schrader